Help From a Friend and a Purse For SIL

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9 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    You definitely found a perfect replacement – kudos to your friend Vicki!

  2. Barbara Esposito, TheQuiltedB says:

    That purse is beautiful and better than anything I would have made. There is so much wisdom in surrendering to the pros!

  3. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne and Sue, Oh that is fabulous! Plus, what a gorgeous fabric to have a one of a kind purse made with. I would love to have some of that fabric and make a purse or two with a pattern I have….LOL. Of course, I made that one purse for my SIL about 3 years ago and she still raves about it, I hope I get to make her one again by next Christmas. LOL. No, all bets are off ladies!!!! LOL. It is such a make you smile sort of post with every thing turning out so positive. I believe you have very loyal friends and how sweet to get it mailed so quickly with the special card. It truly does make us all smile. You ladies all have a fantastic day! Just a marvelous outcome all the way around!

  4. chrisknits says:

    And here I was ready to be amazed at your skill!! Very pretty.

  5. So happy to help you relieve the stress making a purse was causing you!! It looks like she received it yesterday-can’t wait to see what she thinks of it:)

  6. I love that solution! You did just what you needed and your SIL will be thrilled with the purse.

  7. Vicki’s purses are fab and a great price too. I saw her post and I don’t think she sleeps much in the Fall! Glad this worked out so well!

  8. Love it! Sounds like the perfect ” no stress” way to handle purse making! 🙂

  9. Well, how cool is that?! I’m sure Vicki got that off to you quickly; she can run rings around me. So fun that she had one made and ready that worked for you!

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