I Love Thursday #48 – HB Jeanette!

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  1. anudge says:

    That little black dress is the cutest thing!! Wish I had a little baby girl I could give it to.

  2. Angie says:

    First of all, happy first birthday to Dom. I can’t wait to see the pictures from the party … somehow I guess there will be some real keepers in the bunch! Kids’ clothes – always adorable and nearly always irresistible. Scenery? I am blessed that my hubby likes to drive, so I get to look out the window!

  3. The little black dress is darling. I’m having a wonderful summer. Our middle daughter and her 4 children have been with us since July 4th, and now we are traveling and camping with them. In July we visited New Orleans. Then in August we visited the Everglades and the Keys — even took the 2 1/2 hour ferry trip to Fort Jefferson which was very interesting. Of course the AC unit stopped working on that trip, but we were able to get 2 small fans which made sleeping in the trailer bearable. Last night we arrived at our youngest daughter’s house near Richmond, VA. It was the 1st time for the two families to see each other in 6 years.
    Right now we are visiting historical sights. Next week we will visit Washington, D.C. I will be 76 next week and I am having a ball.

  4. Oh gosh….what a great list! Babies! Yeah! Flag! Dear to my heart!! Back roads! Live on one myself! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Shannon M Conley says:

    What a great list of likes! I too love the backroads- I grew up in a small town way in the mountains, and I love the scenery. I’m going back there today (yay), and am super excited. The first four hours are wretched freeway through boring boring, and then the next three hours are on state highways, but the open prairie scenery of west texas and eastern new mexico gets way better, and then the last hour is the best, the winding roads going up to the mountains that say home!

  6. Jocelyn Thurston says:

    Little black dress is so cute and so the beautiful girl stuff begins! Smile
    My older grandson turns 14 next week and we are shaking our heads…where did the time go? But we have been enjoying his journey.
    We live in country and there are two or three roads to everywhere- when I first moved here I was confused because no one seemed to take one road over and over. I love driving these roads now that I know about them.
    The American flag is quite majestic and very familiar to us too.

  7. Beautiful photos, love the Dominic ones best, like how can he be almost 1?? but that little black dress?? Died. I will have to get one for one of Dayna’s bridesmaids who had her wee girlie a week ago.

  8. dezertsuz says:

    Well, darling pictures of Dominic, of course! I didn’t realize just how long you and Sue had been friends! That was a funny story! I love this country, and I love the flag, so that was a wonderful choice, I think. Driving is something else I enjoy – not in town as much as out on the road. When Paul and I were full-timing, I could sit and watch scenery go by forever! We took a lot of US highways and back roads and saw some incredibly amazing, amusing, and just different things. I’d do it again in a heart beat! =)

  9. lapaylor says:

    back roads… yes more please! I loved getting off 70 across Kansas and Ill and seeing the old signs, and buildings. That LBD is tooo cute but I just can’t show my thighs anymore…lol

  10. Suzanne says:

    I love you “I Like” posts each week…especially this one. That little dress is cute. I like taking the backroads whenever I can.

  11. Lovely. And I love time with family. Thank you for always having such uplifting posts!!

  12. That little black dress is a hoot. And huzzah for back roads – they can be so much more calming than the highway.

  13. Happy Birthday to Sue’s mom! You wrote a lovely note to her, Roseanne. Cute picture of Dominic crawling in the window of his little house – our son learned the hard way that the dogs will always give you away when you are trying to sneak back in the house! 🙂 And you two are going to be in trouble when that little girl is born! Oh boy!

  14. chrisknits says:

    OMG! I remember too many times having to crawl through windows as a high schooler because I forgot my keys!!

  15. Barbara Esposito, TheQuiltedB says:

    So so many good things in this post – family that loves you, birthdays, that dress!!!, and yes – the American flag. But honesty Roseanne – 70 mph??? You are a madwoman! It is a brilliant picture though. And can I say that Dominick is looking so so grown up? I adore that he chews on his socks ;op

  16. Back roads are the best; freeways are boring. 🙂 Any little black dress I might have wouldn’t be as cute as that one. And yes, shame on you, but you snagged a nice picture of the flag.

  17. nanamickie says:

    Dom, it doesn’t seem like you are one already! WOW! That black dress is too cha-cha for words 😀 Happy Birthday Jeanette! Hugs!

  18. I love the little black dress – and just found it online to order for our 1st grandbaby due Nov 4th! Happy birthday Dominic and GG!

    • Roseanne says:

      Hi Karen! Isn’t it just the cutest?!! Oh the fun clothes we can compare notes on! She’ll be here before you know it!! ~smile~ Roseanne

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