Lessons Learned – New-Blogger

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We are a new-blogger website.  SiteGround is our host and we have had no issues with any slowness or the website being down.  The startup was easy, quick and efficient.  Here is a link to their website.  It is an affiliate link – we will receive 3 months of free hosting for anyone that signs up from the above link.  We chose this company as our host because I follow a few other blogs, and two of them recommended them.


SiteGround loaded WordPress for us.  It is software and I probably could have loaded it myself – but why not have them do it?  WordPress has many free or to purchase ‘themes’ that control the look of the website.  The theme we chose is Hueman.  It does allow you to customize it, and I find it very easy to use.  We launched our website on February 12, 2017.


Things I’ve Learned as a New-Blogger:

  • Use Categories and Tags – uncategorized posts show up on the top of your website.  It also makes it difficult for you to find a topic later if you don’t have a category assigned to each post.
  • Take full advantage of WordPress’ schedule feature.  You can write posts ahead and keep them as a draft, or schedule them for a future date.
  • Don’t feel like you have to post every day or multiple times a day – unless you have something meaningful to say
  • I use the link WordPress provides to our website dashboard.  It has similar features that WP has, but it offers more in depth insight into the SEO and Readability factor on each post.  Without going into too much detail, that involves how web searches act and find your website/posts.
  • The blogger community is fabulous – you need to get involved.
  • Join Linky Parties to find other like-minded quilting folks who share their quilting fun and ideas – check out other links and comment on them
  • Ask people to follow you – they just might!
  • Set up a mental or actual schedule for yourself regarding post subjects.  For example, I post tutorials one day and To-Do Tuesdays.  I try to have a finished project for Thursday or Friday, and maybe a road trip/shop visit for the weekend.
  • Because we are self-hosted, friends cannot leave messages directly on our WordPress site – they have to go to the website to do so.  That is not very user-friendly!
  • An important note about messages – friends who leave a comment do NOT receive your response unless you email them directly.  My mind was absolutely blown when I found that out!  So be sure you take the time to email each person who leaves a comment (you should get an message with their comment and email address).  Visit their website, too!
  • Participate in a new blogger focus group – mentor bloggers offer their suggestions and helpful tips.  We did participate in the 2018 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop.  This was a fabulous experience, working with seasoned blogger mentors who gave suggestions on how to make your blog better.  You also get to meet other new bloggers and make connections.  Very much worthwhile. 

Future plans for Home Sewn By Us

  • Start to design patterns and offer them for free on this website


Updated 09.15.2018