Christmas in July Blog Hop – Mantle Quilt

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35 Responses

  1. Preeti says:

    The fabrics and the pattern you have chosen bring the feeling of old country charm with the warmth of the holiday season complete with smells of cinnamon – like a grandma’s hug.

  2. This is very pretty! I could see this project, sized for my buffet. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Barbara Neiwert says:

    When I first began quilting, I wanted to make mantle quilts for each of the holidays. But I had forgotten that until I read your post. Doh! Yours is delightful and will be something to look forward to each year. Guess I have something else to make now….

  4. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B says:

    I love how this came out! The colors are perfect and the quilting accents the piece beautifully. I agree that a pattern would be wonderful and even better if you included how to adjust the number of stars!

  5. yellowcatquilts says:

    What a great idea! I think I will have to make one…thanks for sharing!

  6. What a fun and useful project!! You always do such a nice job of selecting something interesting, sewing it up, and writing about it.

  7. Robin says:

    I really like this pattern. I hope to duplicate it. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  8. bewtjwgmailcombarbara woods says:

    love your mantle quilt.

  9. Linda J says:

    Well done! Very pretty. I do happen to have a mantle and a hearth. We don’t use the fireplace but yeah, if you had a pattern I would consider trying to replicate yours.

  10. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne and Sue; I am fascinated with your video slide show, such a brilliant way to show the process while going through the information on the blog post. Plus, from what other bloggers have written in their comments everyone is enjoying it also. Of course, a pattern would be fantastic! I was delighted at reading your post and why you chose where you did and then to discover all the other possibilities from the other quilters comments! For some strange reason, Red-White-Blue Fabrics started playing in my head for a Fourth of July version. I picked out my fabrics and am washing them waiting for the great pattern…..but no pressure….no rush!!! Just love the two of you! Thank you for sharing your great video and fabulous project! Have a magnificent day!!

  11. Joan says:

    That is just gorgeous. What a way to dress up the mantle for the holidays!

  12. Stephanie says:

    This is such a cute project. I think you should do a pattern!

  13. Very striking…well done.

  14. Lori Smanski says:

    this is lovely. love how the stars are on an angle. thanks for the encouragement.

  15. cheriec12 says:

    I have a hope chest that my Aunt gave me years ago and also use it as a coffee table. Your project is great and I would love to see the pattern.

  16. Charlene says:

    Beautiful mantle piece! This is a stunning design. Colors are so deep and rich, perfect for the Christmas season. I would love the pattern.

  17. selina says:

    Great idea with a wonderful outcome. So many directions to expand the idea. I’m thinking a runner for the foot of my bed. From my couch you look at my bed. Those stars would be a perfect bedroom decoration for the holidays.

  18. chrisknits says:

    Yes, do the pattern please!! It is lovely, I can imagine that on all kinds of pieces.

  19. Carol S. says:

    This is a brilliant idea for a chest top! I love the stars hanging over the edge and how beautiful it looks on your chest. You’ve got my brain thinking of all sorts of ways to use this idea. Thanks for showing us how you made it and for joining in the hop!

  20. Roseanne, this is such a fun idea! I love how it features the stars hanging down from the mantle or chest. A great way to decorate a spot where you see one side of it!

  21. Vicki in MN says:

    That is so gorgeous!! I made a mantle quilt(with snowmen of course) years ago. But haven’t use it much. Our fireplace is a corner one and so DH thought setting the big ole TV on there was a goo idea. It is too much work to get the quilt under it each year. Yes you should do a pattern for it;) I like your little movie of it’s construction too.

  22. Lj Meyers says:

    What a sweet idea. I don’t have a fireplace so ‘mantle’ things usually get ignored. Love that your using it on a table – creative.

  23. Mary C says:

    So cute; I would love to create something similar for the holidays. Thank you!

  24. Roseanne, the mantle quilt is beautiful! Yes — I would love to have the pattern. I don’t have a mantle but I do have a large tv stand that it would be perfect for 🙂 Happy Tuesday!

  25. Carol M says:

    Love it and yes I would love the pattern!

  26. Shannon says:

    I like the stars on there. Was it hard to do the binding?

  27. What a clever idea and a very nice design!

  28. This is a great idea. Loved hearing how it evolved and seeing how it came together. Have a fantastic week!

  29. Beth says:

    Lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  30. What a great idea to use it over a chest like that.

  31. Kathryn says:

    Looks lovely and will warm your hearts come December.

  32. Beautiful, lovely tradition colours. Really great idea 🌟

  33. Meredith Brooks says:

    Would LOVE a pattern, please. Just beautiful.

  34. dezertsuz says:

    Well, of course we want a pattern! That is just beautiful and I liked the rotating pictures to see what you did. That green is a perfect Christmas green for this, too. I have no mantle, BUT I have an entertainment center (ha, ha, fancy name for a place to put books, DVDs and a tv I don’t use!) and this would be great. I think I might need 5 stars long. Thanks for a great project!

  35. Cute idea! I’ve always thought of making something like that for my piano!

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