Connoisseur TV, Quilt, or Food?

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  1. chrisknits says:

    I never watch Reality shows, because I know they really aren’t reality. I really don’t even watch TV, but will have on a movie while I have doing hand work, but sometimes I try to watch foreign films with sub titles and it just doesn’t work when you are sewing! LOL

  2. I’m wondering if the color-thing is a matter of perception (ie-computer monitors frequently skew true colors) I’d be willing to bet the color referred to as ‘pink’ by your client is more ‘coral’ and hence ‘peach’ as perceived by yourself and those of us with a more discerning color-eye.
    And as for TV background noise…I get it!
    Hang in there!

  3. Angie says:

    Roseanne – belated Happy Mother’s Day to you! I hesitate to call myself a connoisseur of anything, but I do know a bit about flowers … but I have so much more to learn!

  4. Rochelle Summers says:

    Oh: Roseanne!! I was practically rolling on the floor reading this!! How ture…nothing on TV no matter how many channels there are (that’s why streaming services have boomed!!). And food. Well we can’t talk about the weight I’ve gained this past 2 months. And colors Well you are right! It’s whatever the momma to be wants. Notice you’ve bought another ruler already. Will want to hear all about that when you use it. Great post.

  5. Preeti says:

    Oh my goodness, Roseanne, darling. Where do I begin? TV first. Please get Netflix and then watch all seasons of “Call the Midwife” followed by “Sex Education” You will not regret it. Those Brits know what they are doing – this time. Last night we watched “Road to Perdition” Good movie but heavy stuff. I needed serious cuddling after that. TMI.
    Food – It breaks my heart to learn of the food shortages and hunger problems in the world’s richest country. Yes, we are rich but prosperity evades us. (Someday I will get on a different soapbox and talk about the difference between wealth and prosperity.) Whereas food banks are struggling and folks are lining up for basic supplies, farmers are destroying produce and pouring milk down the drains.
    I ate leftover cumin rice and eggplant (baingan bhartha) for lunch. This is not a likely combination but it tasted fine. And then because I had two slices of fresh mozzzarella that was on its last legs, I cut it up and added to my rice eggplant mixture. Yummy. Maybe it should become a thing. We try to order food from our local mom& pop restaurants once a week in the hope that they will stay afloat.
    Quilts are easy 🙂 That I can do. The picture looks like 60 degree triangles to me not HRT. Honestly, the colors are washed out 🙁 So pale and so dull. Babies need bright colors for stimulation AAARRRGGGHHH.
    Now you did not ask about books but that part is free :-p
    Just finished listening to “Where the Crawdads Sing” I believe this book should be required reading. The writer Delia Owens describes the Carolina marshes (flora and fauna) like Adonis is making love to Aphrodite. I can go on and on but just read the book or listen to it while you are making a quilt. It will infuse your work with beauty, wonder and awe.
    Stay safe my friend. Sanity is optional. Clearly I’ve lost it.

  6. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne, Ha-Ha! I got you…I am the one quilter who can not tell you the true color names. LOL at myself and trying to tease you a bit this morning, just to make you smile. It is wonderful reading the excitement you have about this new project!! How fantastic that you are getting to achieve one of your bucket list goals. I look forward to hearing every detail you share with us!
    As for TV, hubby and I chose not to have cable when we got together. It was very difficult for me at first, now it does not bother me at all. We have at least a hundred DVD Movies and also Netflix, Hulu and of course YouTube. My absolute favorite series to listen to is on Netflix and it is titled MERLIN. I am also a huge fan of STAR TREK and BLUE BLOODS. My Mom is always complaining that with all of the stations that she pays for she mainly only watches a few, but they are the ones that are not available on the lower price. I believe it is all set up for a reason.
    My Step Daughter is trying to start a Face Book page about cooking and has also recorded a few videos on how to prepare some of the recipes she is creating. I am so proud of her and she really had my attention with her video on 2 Cauliflower recipes I watched last night. You know me and my blabbering once I get excited about something and your post today did just that. I really enjoyed reading it and it just made me start thinking. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a marvelous day!!!

  7. I really enjoyed reading this post and your wacky sense of humor! I happen to like all sorts of rice—wild, brown, sushi, and even cauliflower rice!!! I also see peach and possibly very dark charcoal grey. Have a great day, Mary.

  8. Warning! I don”t think this is an HRT. It looks more like an equilateral triangle where all three sides are equal. If you look at the picture you can see that six triangles together make a hexagon. You can’t make a hexagon with an HRT. It will be interesting to hear what colors are chosen!

  9. somethingrosemade14 says:

    I was a color connoisseur when I was in kindergarten-my teacher wanted to speak to my mother and asked me if my mother was the one wearing the red coat and I said no-her coat was plum-got sent to stand behind the piano. This little nuisance knew her color nuances back then. BTW watching Murder She Wrote from the beginning.

  10. I get what you mean about so many tv choices and nothing to watch! I often have an audio book on while I quilt … helps me get my reading done! 🙂
    I don’t see pink either … but I think colour is in the eye of the beholder …
    Have fun making this quilt! 🙂

  11. Oh, the tellly….. I don’t keep it on “live tv” any longer. Since hubs retired he doesn’t like the noise, although to me it is background. I do stream at night and in my room. HGTV used to be a favorite until it turned to all real estate, which I love…but its boring after awhile. Anyway, I did see Downtown Abbey the movie last night, a delight! It is funny how colors can look so different…I am seeing dark brown in the photo so pink may be exactly right. The HRT are easy with the right tool, and I think you are on your way…. it will be fun to see it develop.

  12. Dawn says:

    If the peach in the quilt is really a pink, then that black is probably not true either. Could be a dark brown or charcoal gray. Do whatever the mamma wants! I don’t watch tv while quilting. I used to listen to baseball during the summer but mostly podcasts or audiobooks.

  13. I’m with you on the telly watching. I might have to take up heading to my quilt room at night, which I rarely do. Your post had me giggling, because I so relate to all of it. I think perhaps that color is peachy-pinkish, sorta. Does that help? Not that my opinion matters. I’m curious to hear what the momma says it is and what she wants.

  14. karenfae says:

    there are so many channels available and I agree – there is nothing to watch – most of it seems to be garbage to me. I don’t watch it for background I put one of the music stations on I like a little background noise and that takes care of it for me. I don’t watch much -l in the evening while I quilt I put something on Netflix or Prime and that takes care of it for me. I see a little pink in the quilt on my screen but not a lot

  15. Oh so true about the choices on tv. I find myself asking the question How can there be so few choices with so many channels?!

    I can’t wait to see what colors will be in the quilt.

    🙂 Ginny

  16. Laura says:

    Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House …one of my family’s favorite classics!
    It will be fun to see what colors you do end up using for the new quilt! 🙂

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