I Love Thursday #147 – So Many Blessings

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  1. Your darlings are adorable in their Toy Story PJs. They could be Woody and Jessie! Dominic is a brave guy. He walks down the hallway as if nothing happened. 🙂 Cheers!

  2. Those children are absolutely adorable! No wonder their antics keep you amused, but I have to say it was the cream puffs that caught my eye. How Sue got them back to you without devouring half of them, I’ll never know.

  3. Love and blessings all around us and we need not look far. Thank you for sharing yours – wonderful!

  4. I have learned to keep an extra mask in my car. I’ve also forgotten to wear my mask. I feel bad that graduation is just driving in cars for now. I feel these poor kids deserve so much more but that’s what they get for now. I love that cream puff. It’s making me hungry just seeing it! Those kids are adorable!

  5. laemperatrizgmailcom says:

    The kids are so cute!!! And I sympathize about the mask. I wear one every day since we’re going in to work, and I forgot to grab a clean fabric one one day as I was leaving the house. I was lucky we have surgical ones in the lab, but I hate those- the ear things hurt and they itch my face! One day was enough I haven’t forgotten a fabric one again!

  6. Well if the masks are anything like remembering the grocery bags, I’m in for a long learning curve. The thing that saves me is so far I’ve kept the mask in my purse. Sorry little Dominic had to have that experience but pretty sure at his age, it will heal real fast. And that little Colty is so cute. Enjoy him cause as you know, this baby stage whizzes by. Addison looks good in red! And cream puffs…oh making me hungry!

  7. Hi Roseanne. I learned several months ago that I don’t like doing the Eagle Stomp so I have masks in the car, my purse, jacket pockets; everywhere possible 😉. All I can say is yaay for drive byes and your littles! I really needed the chuckle and smiles this week. But then, I have my daughter here for a few weeks. Life does have good points. 😉

  8. Love your loves – especially your turkey trot.

  9. Sue H says:

    That eagle may be you but it is me too! Cracked me up!!! I agree with you & Carole: Distantly Social is WAAAAYYYY better than Socially Distant. I’ve been trying to do that with my sister too. I live in IL and she lives in TX. Shouldn’t have needed a pandemic to try to stay more connected but at least it brought the need to the front! Have a great week!

  10. Love your Loves!!!
    Hope D’s arm heals quickly!!!
    The kids are SO cute and growing SO fast!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂

  11. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne, I am thrilled that I stopped by today! For so many reasons, I have been down in the dumps for quite some time and just keep sinking lower. Reading your post helped brighten my day! Which it always does because you have such a natural ability to write in such a positive manner, along with adding photo’s and descriptions almost effortlessly (it seems to me, at least).
    May I use the Eagle to share and hopefully make a few other people also laugh and relate to the situation? Each photo you shared were delightful. I am sorry that Domonic fractured his arm! How did he manage to do it? I do not know why, but when I first saw the picture…I thought to myself, I wonder how long it took him to figure out that it could be used as a weapon? I know, I know….my bad. I just grew up in a huge family with a bunch of cousins that we did play some rough games as Super Heroes and Villians. LOL.
    I also got a big laugh seeing the big slippers on Addison! Just adorable. Then of course, my mouth was watering for that huge delicious Cream Puff!!! Oh Yeah, I could definitely eat one of those myself. So glad that you and Sue did get the pleasure of enjoying them!!! Please tell Sue Hello for me!!! Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic day!!

  12. Sally says:

    OMG, I now have an extra mask I leave in the car because I have forgotten to bring mine more than once. Grrrr….. “Drive-by” may no longer be associated with shooting in the future…. wouldn’t that be nice? Wow that cream puff! I want to dive right into that!

  13. I have enjoyed seeing all the creative ways people have found to celebrate big things this year – like your graduation parade! Adorable pictures of the kids always, but oh no, Dominic broke his arm? That is no fun for a little guy. Hope he heals fast!

  14. Colette says:

    Love the drive by graduation. OMG Colt is such a cutie, and getting big way too fast! Love the PJ’s. Addison knows how to relax. Poor Dominick! Finn broke his leg about the time he was learning to walk. Imagine trying to keep a very busy boy down? His cast was all the way up to his groin. What a sweet pic of Dominick helping mop up the juice.

  15. chrisknits says:

    Oh, our poor boy!! So brave. Hope he heals quick! Addie is adorable!! and Colt is so sweet, such a wonderful family you have.

  16. Sandra says:

    Addie and Dominic look more alike each week! I never did get into cream puffs but that’s probably about the only dessert I don’t care for LOL glad you got some treats even though the fair wasn’t a ‘go’. We tend to use physically distancing here more than social distancing but I like that distantly social though it seems like an oxymoron doesn’t it?

  17. Mary says:

    Good grief-wearing a cast and cleaning the floor. Great kid. How did he hurt his arm? I could just eat Colt up- so sweet boy. Those drive by grads are sweet to see. I NEED those cream puffs. OMG.

  18. What did Dominic do to get that sucker – Fall? Very pretty babies from babies to graduating Seniors and in a world that we never thought could happen to this country! There are lessons learned from this China virus gift – Cleanliness is next to Godliness! Now this is a saying from the 1940-50’s when I was a child! and think it is in the Bible. Think this country has learned this one?

  19. Deana says:

    I love the woody and Jessi costumes. The kids must really love them!
    The bird/mask picture is hillarious! This invoked my brightest smile of the day thus far!

  20. lapaylor says:

    cream puffs!!!! me too!
    I’d love to chat sometime on FT or the phone… want to distance socially with me?

  21. Rochelle Summers says:

    So many like/loves and all so fantastic (well that face mask meme really made me laugh)! The littles are so cute and poor Dominic with that cast. I suppose with an active little guy it was bound to happen at some point. I was just thinking about all those drive by graduations in June when I walked this morning and wondering if next June would be back to “normal” and how this years grads would feel about that. I went over to read Carole’s post and felt a very real connection as I’ve been socially distant for so long. Yes, I talk to my sisters but I haven’t been anywhere and I’m jealous of friends and family who seem to be braver than I am. I found an invite in my in-box today for an opportunity to a distanced socially gathering next week with 3 other friends. I think I will accept. Thank you for the encouragement. Stay say.

  22. I love the idea of Socially Distant. I am missing people and short with my husband. He is a dear man but my SIL calls him VelcroMan….too funny. Sorry about Dominic;s fracture. At least it is hairline and hope that won’t be too long and he can still enjoy some water time before the cold sets in! Just an FYI, I ususally get slide shows, but got a version where they were all printed out in a row…strange.

  23. Yup, that eagle closely resembles me before we left for Henry’s baseball game on Saturday. You would think it would have become as automatic as picking up my purse or my keys on the way out the door by now. And, so sorry about Dominic’s arm. 🙁


  24. You always have fun posts of your likes. This week, though, I can’t watch the slideshows; I just get black squares saying “This slideslow requires JavaScript” – not sure if that’s a problem on my end or yours. That goes beyond my techie understanding. Anyway, I’m sad to miss the photos! That cream puff looks tasty!

  25. Connie says:

    Awwwwwwwwwww…the slide shows wouldn’t play for me, but at least I got to see the pictures of Colt! He is growing so fast…what a doll! Thank you, as always, for the weekly fix…

  26. Thank you for the mention! I do think we have to make the effort to keep our connections for our own mental health. Love your eagle meme, LOL!!!

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