I Love Thursday #148 – Numerous Blessings

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24 Responses

  1. nanamickie says:

    Love love love love! Your post made me happy from the kiddos to the Reagan meme! Oh the good ol’ days! Hugs and have a great week!

  2. So much to like! And I laughed at the end. Yes, I can’t wait to say so long to 2020.

  3. The littles are all so cute! They do grow up so fast. We ate lunch at the park yesterday and I could remember our college girl once upon a time liked nothing better than a good park (well, maybe a hotel swimming pool was better). Congrats on the new addition to the family! I’m not ready for Christmas, but I am definitely ready to close the door on 2020!

  4. dq says:

    Awe, children must always be on the list of what we “like”. I loved your photos and song “baby Colt doo doo”!

    Organizing is not my love, but I love to be organized.

    Accountability is a great thing to have on the list this week. We all must be accountable for our choices.

    Have a great week!

  5. chrisknits says:

    Your laps are going to be soooo full!!! Congrats to all.

  6. Life goes on…your post helps me to see this. Thank you so much!

  7. Kathryn says:

    Fantastic love and fantastic news about the new little one. Ah more quilts!!

  8. Barbara Esposito, @TheQuiltedB says:

    So much goodness and adding to that in 2021??? What wonderful blessings all in all! And how did I miss Dominic’s arm? What happened? Poor kid but clearly it hasn’t seemed to slow him down!

  9. Sally says:

    Organization – always a good thing! Those sibling shirts are cute! Yay for a new addition!

  10. Judy Blauer says:

    Love your posts of all the antics of the littles! Who hoo, another baby quilt to make!

  11. Your post made me think: organization, responsibility, sweet Colt, D & A – such fun to have around … and you .. Christmas songs … that made me laugh!
    Happy Quilting! and singing! 🙂

  12. I listen to oldies in my car and really should listen to more of them at home. It’s something to sing along with and ease the stress. The little ones sure are sweet! You always win the cutest pics of the week with these!

  13. Another little one for you and Sue to love on! What fun! And the power tools look fun, too – plus now your closet is really looking organized. Colt’s shocked look is priceless! It’s always fun to read about your week, Roseanne!

  14. My gosh, Roseanne…I couldn’t believe it when I read you listen to Christmas music nowadays. I have Christmas music on my Shuffle and love it when it comes around while I’m exercising, jogging or swimming. THere is something really neat about it while looking at the blue skies and I find it soothing too. These times must be more frazzling than we realize.
    What great news especially for you two Aunts! More adorable kiddies to love!

  15. SO adorable! The new sibling is fabulous news. I love the pictures and their expressions. Accountability – it would be a good thing if we all understood that wouldn’t it!

  16. Mary says:

    I need that organizer too. I just keep leaning the brooms and bending them. Congrats to all on the new arrival next year. Btw- I cannot believe Addison is only 18 months. Love all these photos. Keep’ em comin. Accountability was thrown out the window with this administration. ugh. I was glad to hear another one of the unaccountable were arrested today for mail fraud by postal employees. At least they are still working. Karma is a ……
    Thx for a fun post. Mary

  17. Rochelle Summers says:

    Such a great post with so many wonderful pictures. Congrats on another forthcoming little to add to the mix. Colt is really getting big and little miss cutie knows how to hold her own with Big Bro! Yes to getting rid of 2020 and Covid…if only it was that easy. Anything that lets you feel better, like singing Christmas Carols, is okay. Beats the news and all the underhanded ___ coming out of our capitol. Stay safe.

  18. lapaylor says:

    yes to accountability… The top leaders should be the MOST accountable as the buck stops here idea of old. We have teflon guy at the top now, it’s never his fault. I was yelled at this week by a 20 year old, who’s dog ran after us while we walked. She yelled because she was guilty of not leashing her or catching her, and rather than take responsibility and apologize, she yelled at me! Oy … glad you’re influencing the next gen. Such sweet pics. Good for you to finally put up the organizer… that feels good doesn’t it?

  19. Well, that’s fun news, that there’s going to be another sib! Woohoo! Such cute photos of them; I’m positive they grow more each week!

  20. karenfae says:

    oh and congrats on the new sib for the little ones – I totally forgot to say that and I was going to say that first.

  21. karenfae says:

    starting to decorating on Thanksgiving is acceptable behavior – my sister in law starts on October 15th so it is done by Halloween!!!!

  22. Connie says:

    Yet another little one!! What a joy that is!! Can hardly wait to see the progression of baby pics for the new one too…love these “fixes” to my week… As for accountability, up here it was slowly taken out of school as a “lesson” too and rewards were given for just doing anything, no sense of responsibility for the outcome…not surprising that we now have this problem. Used to tell my students, if you have a problem and the first words out of your mouth are “you did….” just rephrase and stop laying blame. Identify the problem and work for a fix.

  23. Such precious pics of the babies and awesome news on their baby brother or sister. I love Colt’s hair. I thought maybe it was gelled up! LOL Our boys love to make their hair look like that!! And YES, #2, accountability is, unfortunately, severely lacking in our nation. Love that meme. I think I’ll borrow that!! I should love Christmas songs all the time, as I leave my beautiful tree up all year, but it’s a little too early for me. Temps near 100 here so…give me a month or two! LOL!

  24. Colette says:

    Accountability…great word. I know I have noticed it is always some one else’s fault, no matter what anymore. Sigh. Great pics of Colt. Yay for a new sib for Dominick and Addison. The arm looks like he is adjusting. LOL Addison eating mud.

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