I Love Thursday #77

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19 Responses

  1. Sally says:

    Goodreads! I live on that. I’d have a hard time organizing my reading list without it! 🙂

  2. cheriec12 says:

    Your quote is certainly a good philosophy to follow. It would bring out the best in people. I always enjoy seeing those cuties.

  3. Your sweeties are darling. The quote makes a good mantra. The twist for this season’s Survivor is very interesting. Who shall return?

  4. dezertsuz says:

    What a wonderful Thursday read, even if I’m late! Dominic seems so much older suddenly! I don’t do reality shows, but on BYU channel there is one I enjoy. It’s called Relative Race, and 4 teams start a cross-country trek, meeting family they never knew every night. There are ways to lose time, and stunts they have to do for the next clue. It’s sort of like a scavenger hunt which includes finding family that’s lost. That’s probably why I like it, since I love doing genealogy and family history. =)

  5. lapaylor says:

    Ooooo let’s dish on the shows! I am on goodreads but don’t know how to make best use of it…so many books to read, such a short attention span nowadays! Can you believe you are on #77 of likes posts? Almost a year and a half of them! I appreciate you so much my friend!
    P.R. The hostess is bland, but okay. She’s done a lot of fashion work so her opinion is at least valuable. I think Christian will grow into his role… this week his comments were very direct, which is refreshing. Although the way he said, don’t make it look like old ladies kind of nipped at my heels!

  6. Oh those two are just the cutest little beings.
    I use Goodreads quite a bit though I haven’t posted any reviews, which I keep meaning to do.
    I used to watch reality shows when we had cable; I find as you get to know the participants it gets you hooked. The baking shows are always winners with me.

  7. Love your LOVES!!! Especially the 2 special ones! So cute!!!

  8. omg the one of Addi with her hand against her head- model alert! I love Goodreads too – has ‘found’ me lots more books to read! And I always said I can’t stand reality TV, but there are some very worthwhile ones out there, like CBC’s Back in Time for Dinner, now Tidying Up… 🙂 Thanks also for the words of wisdom.

  9. Suzanne says:

    Lovely quote. I have not used my GoodReads account in quite a while. I get great book suggestions from the blogs I weekly read.

  10. I loved your quote, Roseanne! We need to remember that in our world today. I get book recommendations from Goodreads, but never have signed up for the rest. I’ll have to look into that! Always love your photos of the little ones! A boy, a puddle, and a stick – there’s not much more fun than that!

  11. Pat says:

    Good Morning, Roseanne, I thought I knew about Goodreads, but not of some of the features you speak. So I must not know much. I do get recommendation emails once a month based on books I have said I read but I have not updated that list in a very long time. Some thing to add to my to-do list.
    I watched Project Runway and was under-whelmed by the new hostess. Her attempt to carry off Heidi’s “In and Out” line fell a little flat for me. I am pleased that Christian was thoughtful and is trying to develop his own mentorship style and did not try to say “Make it Work!” If Bravo puts up another episode online will watch again and see if I can get used to the new. I really do not watch much TV.
    Addison and Dominic cuteness! I am enjoying my weekly visits with them very much.
    Thank you for sharing I like Thursdays with me … 🙂 Pat

  12. Shannon M Conley says:

    What a great selection of photos! I love seeing them each week. And I too love goodreads! It’s such a good way to keep track of what I want to read (especially when it’s not at the library yet) or have read. And I too love Project Runway! I think there are at least three of us who put it in our lists for this week! I like the new hosts. I miss Tim Gunn, but I like Christian Siriano. And I like Karlie Kloss too. I’m not sad to not have Zac Posen anymore, he wasn’t my favorite, and I’m glad we still have Nina. I like the new workroom too. Who knows what they’ll do with the drama (it is reality TV after all) but I am glad not to have the twins anymore, they made last season really painful to watch.

  13. jehdld says:

    Fantastic likes! I’m on Goodreads, feel free to add me as a friend 🙂 My profile name is JeanD. Wonderful photos of the kids. Being able to go outside is the best! Have a great Thursday and rest of your weekend!

  14. I love the pictures of the kiddos – they are just so adorable. I need to check out project runway again. I used to watch it all the time, but had lost interest at some point. I have nearly given up reading – a bad thing – but I really need to get back to it.

  15. Connie says:

    Am a Goodreads fan myself…keeps me sane. And I laughed so hard at the look on Addison’s face when she’s looking at Dominic lying down on the couch…that so begged for a caption or two!

  16. Vicki in MN says:

    I haven’t watched any for the last 2.5 months but now that we are home I am watching some Prime movies.

  17. nanamickie says:

    Love the photos of the kiddos! I agree with Wendy, add the Great British Bake Off, everyone is so nice on that series! Have a wonderful week!

  18. If you haven’t watched The Great British Bake Off, you really should add that to your list. I’ve signed up for Goodreads, but I don’t go on it much. It seems like it takes too much time to put in all the stuff. Haha. (rather quilt, y’know?)

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