I Love Thursday #92 Blessings

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  1. dezertsuz says:

    Wonderful pictures all through the post – the gate to nowhere is a hoot! Dominic seems to be growing faster since his sister came along!

  2. Adorable baby pics as usual. Adorable rain barrels too!! What a fun idea. And oh yes speak volumes does that wise artist. I hope you’ll post a photo of your peace lily when it opens.

  3. I keep meaning to get a rain barrel. Such a good idea and also to have the kids get creative like that. Yes, you need a/c…we are into continued heat warnings. I feel sorry for the dogs so walking them earlier and earlier in the morning. Those two little ones just seem to complement each other; imagine how close they will be in life.

  4. Sally says:

    Silly gates. I wonder if the grass had been paved at some point? Love those rain barrels. What fun!

  5. lapaylor says:

    great list and those babies… cuddles!

  6. chrisknits says:

    I would send you cooling breezes, but we are at 115 heat index today. Oh my!

  7. Love the gate to nowhere – I get such a kick out of funny things like that! Every girl needs a little black dress, right?! Hope your AC gets fixed, Roseanne – that doesn’t sound like a good thing for the middle of July.

  8. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B says:

    Every week these two get cuter and cuter! That black dress is darling and those two laughing while mama tickles their feet is priceless. No worries about not getting back – staying cool is the priority!

  9. OMG no AC — not a good time for that….I will say an extra prayer for you and Sue today ♥ Love the peace lily — mine are thriving also – my father in law passed 2 years ago. ZA art work is cute. Addie and Dominic are too cute — stay cool today!

  10. That gate is peculiar…but so many things people do is. The kiddos are great and the kid creations fab. I love that your peace lily looks so happy and is blooming. Here’s to getting your AC fixed. We’re in for a few hot days but we do have lovely acs in our bedroom and study…makes it work!

  11. Rochelle Summers says:

    So ways to stay cool….sit in the pool with the kids; run through the sprinkler; eat ice cream; sit in the a/c library and read; etc. Do NOT use the laptop. Thank you for the beautiful photos. I keep talking rain barrels to my hubby. We live in a very arid area so not sure how much we would get. But every little bit helps. Found out that up until 3 years ago, it would have been illegal here to capture rain water!! Enjoy your week.

  12. Shannon M Conley says:

    Oh gosh! I hope you have your ac back soon! The kids are as cute as always- especially that little black dress. And I love seeing the blooms on your peace lily! Share again when they’re opened!

  13. Pat says:

    Good Morning, Roseanne, I hope you have your AC back soon. It is so hot here, we have even been running ours at night. Rain barrels are a new concept to me. Perhaps because we usually get so much rain in the northeast. Not this summer. May have to paint and place a rain barrel. As a lawn ornament, though. Our water is plentiful as it arrived from the river via the city pipes and I can never remember having local water restrictions here although some of the surrounding towns do have a watering schedule. Though it is hot and dry so far this summer, I am blessed with cool and water. The kiddos are even more adorable … if that is possible … thank you for sharing … 🙂 Pat

  14. anudge says:

    What precious little ones!

  15. mary says:

    Oh no- no A/C? Be careful there. Those gates are just weird. What a healthy lily- I need to get one for inside. What a great idea to have such pretty rain barrels! Stay safe. mary

  16. Mari says:

    You lost your AC? You poor souls! I hope they’re able to get to you to fix it soon. Until then, lots of ice and popsicles!

  17. Carol says:

    No A/C sounds awful! Hope it’s fixed soon. It was a nice scroll through your Thursday loves…thanks for sharing. Don’t heat up that laptop to reply. 😁

  18. Oh man, now is not a good time to be without a/c! Hope it gets repaired soon! I have a couple of WI quilt shops on my itinerary next week. I’m pretty excited!

  19. nanamickie says:

    Oh my dears I hope you have the a/c repaired soon! It is just too hot these days! Thank you for sharing the lovely photos and the kiddos sure are getting big so quilckly. Stay cool!

  20. Connie says:

    The gate to nowhere…very symbolic of a cul de sac in life anyway…love the little ones! As always they make my week! The little black dress is tres chic!!

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