I Really Love Thursday #35

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10 Responses

  1. Angie says:

    I have very little doubt that Dom won you over with that smile. Who could resist? Great list of likes this week …. yes, I remember the anticipation of summer vacation – a warm memory that always comes with the smell of freshly cut grass!

  2. Great list! Love the pillows! Dominic is getting bigger and what a cutie 🙂 I’ve been thinking about purchasing EQ8 — I may just start with EQ mini – designing quilts isn’t my thing I want to preview fabric choices. I’m interested in reading your thoughts as you learn the software–you may change my mind!

  3. paintedthread says:

    The flowers are so lovely. I’m enjoying all these photos of color! School countdown…. it’s been so long since I’ve been involved in that.

  4. Lovely list and yes, that boy is growing up too fast!
    Goes without saying Roseanne’s comment was appalling but I wonder, should the whole cast be punished with the show being cancelled.
    I admire both JFK and Bobby; they had ideals and a vision for America. I never tire of watching the videos about them.
    Funny you should mention the feeling in a school this time of year, I just wrote about that for my next post!

  5. Colette says:

    LOL I like your friend’s thinking about the EQ8. I remember the end of school, my mom was a teacher, even when you were an adult it was palatable. Great flowers. Can you please quit feeding Dominick he is growing up way too fast.

  6. I, too, am glad you aren’t the Roseanne that was fired! I can’t imagine you ever would be, and I’m pretty sure you have nothing in common with the other one! 🙂 I’m a retired teacher, so the end of the school year still has that special feeling for me, even though I don’t really experience it in the same way anymore. I really like that quote from JFK, too. I recently read a new biography of Bobby Kennedy, and now really admire him as well. Our world needs a Bobby Kennedy right now!

  7. lapaylor says:

    great list as usual… the quote from JFK is great. You and I are the same age. Roseanne Barr is older and should know better. Kay left a quote from her dad on my blog something like, when we stop looking for the differences in people we’ll notice we are more alike. Dom has a winning smile doesn’t he, so open and trusting. I’m thinking if we did stop judging each other we’d all be able to relax and be open like that…

  8. Carol S. says:

    I love your “loves” and I’m glad you’re not the Roseanne that was fired.

  9. chrisknits says:

    I just have the EQ mini since I wanted it to preview quilts, not really get into the designing. I think I need a book just for the mini!!!

  10. I have EQ8 coming soon, so I’m getting books and tutorials ready too. We’ll see how it goes!

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