Interesting Harry Potter HP Day

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  1. Susan says:

    Well, Happy Birthday to Harry Potter – who knew? BTW, I got through the first four books, then got bored.

  2. Thunder says:
    you should look at this hp bookcase quilt.
    I have been working on one, on and off for about 3 years.
    I have to decide how I am going to do the base/feet of my bookcase.

  3. Rochelle Summers says:

    It is such a great idea….but why no cake? I never turn down a reason to have cake!!! I think about quilts a long time in advance and still have trouble making that deadline. Wish I had a magic wand!

  4. We are big Harry fans at our house! I am making a book case quilt also. It is a long work in progress. Happy Birthday Harry and enjoy celebrating.

  5. Big Harry Potter fans at our house – we actually have read all the books! Maybe having kids the same age as Harry helped with that – or being a 5th grade teacher for so many years could be it! I love those bookshelf quilts – making one is on my to-do list. Do you think there is HP fabric you could use for some of the books?

  6. Laura says:

    Love the library bookcase quilt! I am so blessed that all of my kids/grandkids are readers! 🙂

  7. I love that library quilt! My sister is a librarian. <3

  8. I am also HP clueless (I keep that kinda quiet usually). I do love the bookcase quilt idea, though. What fun to gather the fabrics and embellishments! I’ll enjoy following your progress on this one!

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