Salem Quilt Guild Panel 2 Complete

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17 Responses

  1. Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts says:

    One of the girls in our quilt guild stitched this pattern and oh. my. word. it is so stunning. I’m super impressed with anyone who has the patience and talent to do all that hand embroidery. Just imagine how much fun you’re going to have quilting those panels! 🙂 It’s a great project Roseanne. Thanks for sharing on MCM!

  2. Colette says:

    Looks like a fun project. I love the design can’t wait to see it all put together.

  3. lenneamw says:

    What a fun project. I use my light box all the time since I started doing applique. What a wonderful tool!

  4. chrisknits says:

    So absolutely amazing! Sue is a master.

  5. I’m really enjoying watching your witches come to life. When I saw these panels first on your blog I was soooooo tempted to try to find one and do it myself! Sanity prevailed and I did not add anything else to my To Do List, but maybe someday? In the meantime I will enjoy it on your site seeing what Sue does every so often as you keep us updated Roseanne.

  6. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne, The second panel is delightful in every way! Sue is doing a fabulous job in hand embroidering the panel. I love the way the embroidery stitches make the panels appear full of life. You may have answered this earlier, but do you and Sue have any plans on how to make the panels into a quilt or whatever your many choices could be? Know that I think of you and how you are having such a difficult time during this time. Waving with both arms as wildly as I can from here just to make you smile and hopefully giggle!!!!

  7. Carol M says:

    Love love love it!! Might be why we shared panels!! 🤣

  8. I love this. I am remembering it for someday when I decide to go back to embroidery, after I get that ufo pack out!

  9. Dawn says:

    Coloring and embroidery is a unique combination! Love the results!

  10. Connie says:

    This is a great project, love the whole panel, though it looks like a ton of work for the Queen of Non Finishes…might still consider finding it and picking it up if possible! Love it!

  11. Vicki in MN says:

    I am curious as to how long these panels are. That is a whole lot of stitching and what a great quilt it is going to be!!

  12. Diann says:

    That Crabapple Hill gal has some amazing designs, I think this one is my favorite! So many fun details. It’s going to be a masterpiece when finished!

  13. Coloring and embroidery – sounds like a bewitching combination 🙂 Always fun to see what you two are stitching up!

  14. I love the Salem Quilt Panel — the coloring and embroidery look like fun!

  15. karenfae says:

    are you using special colors for this project – I don’t do a lot of embroidery and I hadn’t seen any where it is colored in first and then embroidery added

  16. Laura says:

    This project looks like fun…I have always enjoyed coloring and embroidery! 🙂

  17. Carol S, says:

    I love the designs in these and the stitching looks great. Can’t wait to see the whole thing finished!

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