To-Do Tuesday Linky #36 & Weekly Progress Update

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  1. Rebecca Grace says:

    That mask with the sinus rhythm fabric is perfect for a nurse! Did you purchase it recently or was it from your stash? Asking because my husband had a horrible heart scare in 2017, emergency open heart surgery with a long, slow recovery, and he has mentioned wanting to get a TATOO of his first tachycardiagram that showed normal sinus rhythm. He would love anything I could make for him with that fabric! The giraffe growth chart is darling and will be so fun to mark up with the kids as they grow. It looks to me like you’re accomplishing more than you realize. Hang in there!

  2. Hi Roseanne, thanks for hosting the To-Do Tuesday party. I had a whole list but it’s not looking so good 🙂 Have a great week and stay healthy and sane!

  3. Denise says:

    I have made so many masks I have lost count. Using large scraps and left over yardage allowed for space for purchasing new fabric:) Good luck on your new goals and thank you for the linky party.

  4. Kathryn says:

    Love your quilting on the giraffe and that mask is fantastic that Andrea is modelling. Don’t quite understand the telemetry reading so must look that up.

  5. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne, How wonderful that your masks were such a bonus for your niece and that the other nurses even liked them! Such a bonus to already have a growth chart to create for the new bundle of joy! The giraffe looks adorable and I like the freemotion quilting that you have done. I am not sure what to say about how you are feeling. This is a very frustrating time and each of us must find our way to deal with it. I wish that I could give you a hug and that we really could talk. Know that you are in my prayers!

  6. Hi Roseanne!
    I LOVE the telemetry mask that Andrea is wearing! I know those would go over well with most nurses!
    Of course I LOVE the giraffe for the grow chart!
    Good luck with your TO DO this coming week!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂

  7. Hey – I am back!!!!!! Feeling better mentally and physically and working on hand work. If time I may make some more OMG blocks! Uplifting to know that the BAN is close to being lifted. Take care and wear those mask and gloves and wash hands! Hugs

  8. lenneamw says:

    Ah yes, we are all making masks. I have made about 3 dozen for ourselves and family and a few close friends and have to say that I do not enjoy it all, but needs must. So back to my FMQ backlog!

  9. Rochelle Summers says:

    I love the fabric choices for the masks. I wasn’t happy with the earpieces from T-shirts. Maybe I made them too thick and too long. I’ll have to try again. I’m a big fan of giraffes. Wish I’d done a growth chart for my littles (back when they were little). The marks on the wall are faded and garbled. But even as biggies they still want to be measured…and all but one is taller than me. He will surpass me soon. A big thank you for the blog and for keeping it real.

  10. Susan says:

    Great job on the masks and baby quilt. I suggest taking a break from any sewing, and enjoy something else – a good book, a puzzle, or maybe just nature. The desire will come back.

  11. karenfae says:

    won’t we be glad one day when we do not need masks!! hope your niece will stay safe – I have several nurses in the family too and office workers for clinics – wishing them all to stay healthy

  12. You did well! Fun to have people popping in the check out Andrea’s mask. I have made about 30…hearthbreaking and time consuming but wouldn’t do it differently. My creative juices are messing with me. I get a lot done than nothing for days. Maybe a few days of sun and nicer weather would perk us all up. Gonna try real hard today!!! Happy Tuesday and here’s for the muse to stop messing with us!

  13. I made a few masks with t-shirt fabric as earpieces and I thought that was a great substitute for the elastic! I’m sure Andrea really appreciates the ones you made for her. Sometimes I think we can just say we’re doing the best we can right now, and that’s good enough! Hugs, Roseanne!

  14. I love the growth chart what a great idea! Cute masks you made for Andrea — I made a bunch last week also…I’ll be so happy when this Covid-19 nightmare is over.

  15. You have such giving hearts, you two. Nice of you to whip up (ok, not really, they take time) masks for your family and others. I’ve made a few for our family and for some in our church. I may try a different pattern and see if I like it better. Or not. We’ll see. I agree with Vicki and taking baby steps. Sometimes I just take my scraps and sew them together into an improv-slab, with no plan in mind. If I feel like it, I make a coaster or a pinnie, or a mug mat. If not, no big deal. It often just satisfies my need to sew and sometimes gets the project-juices flowing again.

  16. So nice if you to make masks, and a super cute one! I tried two different patterns and should make more. I’m the family grocery shopper, so I’m the only one in our house who needs one so far. That giraffe is so cute! I bought a similar panel to practice free-motion quilting (some day). I hope you stay healthy and positive.

  17. Kate says:

    Making masks isn’t fun, nor is the reason we have to make them, but at least you found some fun fabrics to make them with. The giraffe is really cute. Hoping your stitching mojo comes back soon. I suffered the first week or so with just not feeling the urge to stitch, it was just so overwhelming. It’s still too much if I think too hard on it, so we’ve limited the amount of news we watch and things have been easier. Happy stitching and stay well.

  18. That growth chart is adorable, and I love the quilty bumps which I don’t view as simple quilting, lol! Have a great day, Mary.

  19. That is nice you were able to whip up a few masks. Does Andrea slip another mask inside hers? When I get in a rut I take baby steps to get out…go in the room and just pet your fabric and then pick out the prettiest piece you have and then you can think about what you would like to make with it for the next step and so on.

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